Our council meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month in the Holy Family Parish Offices (the convent) located at 60 Prospect Street in Gloucester, MA at 7:00pm.

Our goal is to have monthly meetings that run an hour and respecting your time and commitments to both your family and community a quarterly service project focused on either our parish, our community or the youth of Cape Ann. 

If you would like general information about our council or we can be of assistance please email us at: grandknight@kofc215.com.

4th Annual Golf Tournament: 

​October 2018 Cape Ann Golf Course.

We look forward to seeing you at this fun event.  All proceeds support our charitable or organizational operations.

Find us also on Facebook at:


Knights of Columbus, Council 215 - Gloucesterin Gloucester

We appreciate your interest in supporting our council through PayPal.  All donations support our council efforts and charitable works.

Looking to make a difference in your community, parish and family?  See what we can do with just 24hrs of your time each year, join us!

​Welcome to our newest members: Nicolo L, Sebastian N. and Stephen S!  They joined our Council this past November.

Email us at grandknight@kofc215.com or call the parish offices at 978-281-4820 to get in contact with us.

The CCGR is spending the year praying for and examining vocations.  Council 215 is sponsoring James O'Dowd during 2018 as he pursues his vocation.  Keep him and all who are seeing where God leads them in your prayers.

Upcoming Events:

1) February 9th will be our 2nd Annual Council Dinner for friends and family.  Dinner is planned for 7pm at the Gloucester House.  Stay tuned for more details. 

2) February 13th will be our regular council meeting at 7:00pm in the Holy Family Parish Offices.

3) ​March 13th will be our regular council meeting and quarterly social at 7:00pm in the Holy Family Parish Offices.

4) ​April 10th will be our regular council meeting and quarterly social at 7:00pm in the Holy Family Parish Offices.

Our charity and activities are driven by our member's interests - 2018 will be full of activity.  Be a Knight in Action this year.

Coming up:  ​

  • February we'll hold our annual family and friends dinner at the Gloucester House (date and time TBD).
  • ​State Raffle tickets will be sold during the 1st Quarter of 2018.
  • ​April we'll be holding a food drive for the St Vincent DePaul food pantry.
  • ​May 25th will be an American Red Cross Blood drive at our Lady of Good Voyage Parish Hall.

Welcome to the Knights of Columbus, Council 215 in Gloucester .  We are a men's catholic fraternal and charitable organization serving the Catholic Communities of Gloucester and Rockport.  We aim to enrich the parish lives of Holy Family and Our Lady of Good Voyage as well as the Cape Ann community.  Our council has been supporting our parishes, building up our community and our families since 1897!

How to Join:
Our council recruits new members on an ongoing basis.  Membership in the Knights of Columbus gives the individual the opportunity to improve his own life and his community through living faith in action.  You will experience a fraternal bond within the Knights while being provided the skills and resources to build a deeper family and faith life as well as outlets to serve the community we live in.

 Take the challenge and opportunity... join us: grandknight@kofc215.com or write to us at Gloucester Knights of Columbus, Council 215, PO Box 399,  Gloucester, MA 01930-0399.