About our Council:

About Our Council in Gloucester in Gloucester

Our council serves the communities of Gloucester and Rockport while paying particular care to the Holy Family Parish and Our Lady of Good Voyage Parish located on Cape Ann.  We are an active part of the Catholic Community of Gloucester and Rockport.  In addition we look to support north shore Catholic schools.  Our council was founded March 21, 1897.

Our Focus:  We aim to devote our time, talents and treasure to the following broad categories of service engagement.

Service to Parish: We look to build healthy parishes, from  supporting and sponsoring barbeques and breakfasts to aiding in the communion and ushering ministries of our Churches we make it a point to be available to our priests as a point of support and as a ready resource for their parish goals.

Service to Community: We have made it a core commitment to serve those in need on Cape Ann and by working with partner agencies, like the Open Door Food Pantry or the American Red Cross, we want to provide the resources, most often in our time, to advance these worthy causes.  We invite you to participate with us and grow the number of agencies that we work with in the support of those in need on Cape Ann.

Service to Youth:  We have a tradition of service to youth.  From supporting Catholic education on the North Shore, to participating in the Knights Tootsie Roll Drive to benefit the Special Olympics and the annual Free Throw Competition we look to build stronger youth through healthy lifestyles.   We look to support healthy living, education and sports in our youth and work, in many cases, with partner agencies to help advance their good works.

Service to Brother Knights: We are a social Fraternity as well and within this locus of interest we look to build events for Brother Knights to interact with each other, for their families to come together, and when a Brother is in need to reach out and assist them.

1st Degree and Membership: We look to grow our ranks with like minded members engaged in service to their community and their Church.  Recruiting new members is essential to the continued growth and well-being of our council.  It gives the individual the opportunity to improve his own life and community while deepening his faith.  We encourage you to contact us to explore the opportunities the Knights have for you: join@kofc215.com.

Leadership:  The Knights offer many roles at our local council level and beyond for those interested in becoming engaged in leadership roles from the elected officers and committee leaders.  We encourage active participation in every aspect of our Fraternity. 

​​​​​​Awards and Recognition:

Columbian Award 2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015, 2015-2016, 2016-2017, 2017-2018
Founders' Award 2012-2013, 2015-2016
Recognized for our "Food for Families" Activities 2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015, 2015-2016. 2016-2017, 2017-2018, 2018-2019

Recognized for our "RSVP" (Seminarian) Sponsorships 2017-2018, 2018-2019
Recognized for our "Year of Faith" Activities 2012-2013

​Service preformed in 2020:  
We began the year dealing with the unprecedented crisis of COVID-19.  To help the Catholic Community of Gloucester and Rockport we provide a contribution to support the collaborative.  In addition we hosted an American Red Cross Blood Drive to support the dire need for blood on Cape Ann.  We've volunteered at parish events (trivia night, etc.) and continue to provide a scholarship to the Saints Academy to support catholic education for kids on Cape Ann.  We provided support to St Vincent de Paul, conducted a Fall Blood Drive with the American Red Cross, provided coats via Coats for Kids, supported Cape Ann Special Olympics and raised funds for Action to support toys for kids over the holidays as well as Keeping Christ in Christmas.   Help us continue our tradition of charity, unity and fraternity for our Cape Ann Community.

Service preformed in 2019:  

We began the year with supporting our local Catholic Radio (1060 am).  We participated in Holy Week services for Holy Family Parish and the week long Crowning Ceremonies at Our Lady of Good Voyage Parish.  We provided $3,000 to support a handicap accessible van conversion for a local Rockport family.  We held a canned food drive with local Boy Scouts and confirmation candidates in support of the St Vincent de Paul Food Pantry.  We help with the St Vincent de Paul Annex weekly as well.  We held an American Red Cross Blood drive and supported our Cape Ann Special Olympics.  We held a family rosary and handed out rosary guides and rings to families.  In addition we taught the confirmation candidates how to pray this beautiful set of prayers!  We supported and participated in Gloucester's Annual St Peter's Fiesta and our color guard helped with St Mary's in Lynn's 125th anniversary.  We provided a "prinicpal's scholarship" for Cape Ann kids attending the Saints Academy and hosted a breakfast for the Catholic Community of Gloucester and Rockport after celebrating our annual Knights Mass.  We provided Coats for Kids through the St Vincent de Paul, led a rosary and devotional with the Silver Rose, held our annual Tootsie Roll drive to support youth with special needs, hosted another American Red Cross blood drive, raised funds through our annual golf tournament while supporting Catholic Charities  and provided support to honor veterans through Wreaths Across America.  Our charity is driven by our members... join us!  and have full half year of faith in action planned.

Service preformed in 2018:
2018 is a year of vocations for the Catholic Community of Gloucester and Rockport, and so we've sponsored John O'Dowd as he continues his journey toward the priesthood.  We sponsored 7 boys from the Boy Scouts Rockport Troop #20 who earned their Ad Altare Dei religious award.  We made donations to Catholic Radio 1060 and the Cape Ann Special Olympics as well as the St Ann's Church Restoration Fund in memory of Spc. Michael Grella.  We aided in the Holy Thursday Mass and procession as well an the annual St Peter's Mass and procession where the 4th degree joined us.  For the annual crowning ceremony we helped feed those celebrating this novena feast.  Our council provided a scholarship to The Saints Academy to support Cape Ann kids.  We provided support to the Gold Star Memorial in Gloucester.  We ran a canned food drive to support the St. Vincent de Paul food pantry and completed a Red Cross Blood drive.  We renewed our RSVP sponsorship for 2019 for John O'Dowd.  We sent $500 to Catholic Charities North and sponsored wreaths for Wreaths Across America.  We provided 72 Coats for Kids through the St Vincent de Paul.  

Service preformed in 2017:

We began the  year by supporting the effort to get an ultra-sound machine to Good Samaritan Hospital in Brockton, purchased audio/visual technology for the religious education team for the Catholic Community of Gloucester and Rockport, ran a blood drive with Red Cross collecting 39 units of blood, collected 2,500 lbs of food and donated $500 to St Vincent de Paul, and participated in the Holy Thursday Mass and procession.  We are active on parish councils and as lay ministers.  We supported the week long Our Lady of Good Voyage Crowning Ceremony by serving food and helped out at the St Peter's Fiesta Mass as well as supporting the St Peter's Fiesta Committee.  We cooked for the annual Collaborative BBQ and served ice-cream as well as provided excess food to the local homeless shelter.  With the St Vincent de Paul we provided coats to kids who needed winter coats via the Coats for Kids Program.  We helped move the Silver Rose through our district in support of this Marian tradition and supported the Grace Center and it's recognition of Fr. Gariboldi.  We held a Blood Drive that collected 25 units of blood, we donated 10 wreaths to Wreaths Across America, prayed the rosary throughout the collaborative in front of the icon of the Holy Family, raised funds for children and young adults with special needs in our annual Tootsie Roll Drive and made a donation to Catholic Charities North.    Join us as we work to bring God's mercy and to life through our charitable work.

Service preformed in 2016:  

We began the  year distributing "Coats of Kids" through the St Vincent De Paul Society, donated  funds through "Pennies from Heaven" helping local seminarians, provided funds to the MA Special Olympics and conducted a community blood drive with the American Red Cross that raised 27 units of blood.  Through the "Church Wheelchair Mission" we were able to provide a wheel chair to the 3 worship sites in our community.  Our council celebrated Father's Day by handing out devotional prayer cards and we participated  in the annual St Peter's Fiesta Parade with the 4th Degree.  We ran our Annual Canned Food Drive for the St Vincent De Paul Food Pantry with local boy and girl scouts at Market Basket, Rite Aid and Shaw's as well as participated, with the Rockport Scouts, in the annual Fireman's 4th of July Parade.  We cooked for the annual parish BBQ and provided leftover food to Action's homeless shelter.  The council supported "SOS - Support our Seminarians" and "Wreaths Across America".  We conducted the Annual Tootsie Roll Drive as well as held our 2nd Annual Gold Tournament, raising fund for our council and Catholic Charities North.  We also remembered past members at our annual Knights Mass.  We did a pop-up BBQ for homeless and food disadvantaged persons on Cape Ann at St. Ann's Church.  On Veteran's Day we ran a Red Cross blood drive that raised 41 units blood and delivered over 24 new winter coats through the KofC Coats for Kids Program.  We helped the Women's Guild set up for the annual Christmas Fair supporting Holy Family Parish and donated raffle baskets. 

Service preformed in 2015: 

The new year began with a Rosary and Epiphany devotional to Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, we are actively engaged in "Building the Domestic Church: The Family Fully Alive" and have completed a Red Cross Community Blood Drive.  We led the Holy Thursday procession and provide financial assistance to the Massachusetts Special Olympics and completed a 50/50 raffle to enable us to continue our council and charitable work.  Thank you to the Cape Ann Boy and Girl Scouts in helping us with the canned food drive to support the St. Vincent De Paul food pantry.  We provided the food and cooked for the Annual Collaborative BBQ as well as collected monies for St. Vincent De Paul, honored our Collaborative Altar Server and  gave them certificates of service.  We sponsored "Wreaths Across America" honoring our fallen veterans and we held our annual  "Tootsie Roll Drive" to support youth with special needs, as well as holding a charitable golf tournament supporting our council and North Shore Catholic Charities.

Service performed in 2014: 

We conducted a blood drive with the American Red Cross as well as offered the KofC Catholic College Scholarship and Charity Fund to our community, we held a community Rosary before the Marian icon of the Immaculate Conception where the icon remained for the following Mass and an impromptu prayer service after the Mass, we had a ton of fun raising over 2,000 lbs of food and $875 for St Vincent de Paul's food pantry with the Boy Scouts of Troop 112 and Cub Scouts of Den 55, helping the Holy Family Women's Guild set up their spring garden sale and country store, we donated to "Wreaths Across America" supporting our fallen hero's, assisted the Holy Family Women's Guild with their Fall Fair, conducted a Tootsie Roll drive to support children and young adults with special needs and celebrate our annual Knight's Mass remembering brother Knights past and present, our members of the 4th Degree supported the Living Rosary at St Mary's in Lynn, we made a contribution for "Wreath's Across America" and supported the St Mary School in the Beverly Christmas Parade and help set up the school nativity

Service performed in 2013
We supported the Military Chaplains Program and the American Wheelchair Mission, ran the KofC Free Throw Tournament for Youth, conducted a blood drive with the American Red Cross, supported the MA Special Olympics, offered the KofC Catholic College Scholarship and Charity Fund to our community, we prepared and served a meal at The Open Door as well as ran a canned food drive to benefit the St Vincent dePaul Society with the help of their community and the Boy Scouts, we sponsored a luncheon for Fr. Green, helped set up for Our Lady of Good Voyage's Summer Fair, celebrated fathers day at Mass and passed out the "Year of Faith Prayer Booklet", had two 4th Degree assemblies march in the St Peter's Fiesta parade and participate in the St Peter's Fiesta Mass, ran a membership drive, conducted our annual Tootsie Roll Drive at Shaw's on Eastern Ave to raise funds for children/young adults with intellectual disabilities, our council's Knights Mass, the 3rd Annual Altar Server Appreciation Event and pizza lunch open to community and purchased a wreath for "Wreaths Across America" to honor our troops.

Service performed in 2012: 
We ran the annual Knights of Columbus Free Throw Tournament at St Ann's School, preparation and serving a meal at the Open Door Food Pantry, Red Cross Blood Drive, KofC College Scholarship Program, KofC sponorship for military seminarians, we conducted a can food drive with the Boy Scouts of Troop 112 for the St Vincent dePaul Society and raised funds for Open Door in Gloucester, we helped set up for the Strawberry and Plant Festival for the Holy Family Women's Guild, our council and an honor guard from the Father Gabriel Druillette Assembly participated in the St Peter's Fiesta Mass with Cardinal Sean O'Malley and parade, the Annual Parish BBQ and the KofC Essay Contest on Religious Freedom and helping the Ladies Guild set up for the Italiana Festa, in addition to our 2nd Annual Altar Server Appreciation Event and a donation to the Action Shelter.  We are so proud to be able to continue our tradition of service to the Cape Ann community!  

Service performed in 2011: 
Recognition and gift for Fr. Alves and Fr. Gariboldi on their 50th year as priests, prepared and served food at the Open Door Food Pantry, donation to CAMPS, St Ann School Service Day where we painted school yard games and did general clean up, providing the food and doing the grill work for the Holy Family Parish BBQ, a gift for Fr. John's Installation, a Mass in memory for those Knights who have passed, a donation to the State Council's Tootsie Roll Drive, a donation to the St. Vincent de Paul Society from our affiliate 4th Degree Assembly, an Altar Server Appreciation dinner and a food donation to the Action Shelter.